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International Logistics

    Since the opening, we are committed to provide fast and convenient and efficient international logistics services. It has provided foreign logistics and foreign trade customers with all kinds of import and export logistics related services they need. And establish a good reputation in the industry.
    Our international logistics services include:

Container transport and multimodal transport

    One of Runya’s core services, business area covers the entire African continent, Europe, Mediterranean, South America, North America, Middle East Persian Gulf, India and Pakistan, Southeast Asia, South Korea and Russia .
    The company has long-term cooperation with more than 90% of the world's leading container liner companies and has signed a series of tariff agreements; With the help of our early independent design and development, we have developed an independent freight pricing platform, Provide customers with a very comprehensive international shipping container routes and related port tariffs, The choice of shipping period and voyage provides great convenience for the international and domestic customers to import and export at sea, and has become famous in the international freight forwarding business market. 

    At the same time, with the help of overseas agents and partners all over the world, we can provide various kinds of DDU, DDP and other services to our customers and create a whole set of optimized combinations of shipping, rail, road, aviation and other transportation modes. The intermodal transport system can meet customers' special requirements for transportation time and transportation costs, and provide customized services.

International Airfreight Transportation

    International air transport, currently part of  Runya supporting services. In view of the "small, refined and urgent" characteristics of air cargo.    
    Our company has cooperated with major international air transport companies. It can provide timely and reliable international air transport agency services for various foreign trade companies and overseas agents.    

    The service slogan of the  Runya Air Freight business is   "Professional entrusted, rapid response, management, mission must reach!"


International Railway

From the interior to the Chinese neighboring countries including Mongolia, Russia, Vietnam, Korea, Europe, and Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan), as well as more countries to China mainland in the opposite direction of transportation. 

Import Customs Clearance Service and Import Agency

Our company provide all kinds of customers with enterprise and product filing, label audit and production, customs clearance, distribution supply chain services. The company provides one-stop import agent services such as customs clearance and remittance payment for customers.

As Agency for Customs Clearance,Inspection & Insur

    In addition to the local logistics service in China, Runya has a wide range of international logistics agency network.
    Therefore, the Overseas Department of the company can provides a series of customs clearance, inspection and quarantine and international cargo transportation insurance service for customers in the world's major ports, with reasonable fees and efficient service!

Customs clearance services - almost everywhere in the world, we can provide customs clearance services, reliable local agents are responsible for arranging specific matters.
Commodity inspection - This is currently involved in import and export business in China, which requires inspection for food, health and quarantine.
Transportation insurance - This is currently involved in import and export business in China.
Original insurance- This is currently involved in import and export business in China.